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Tips for First Time Movers

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Relocating to a different place is a sign of growing up. Whether you are in college, starting a new job, or shifting to your first house, there comes a time when you need to step out of the comfort of your home and move to a different place. Moving can be emotionally challenging, as you can no longer live with your family, where you have your parents to take care of all your needs. This provides you the opportunity to be independent. But the exceptionally challenging thing about moving is to manage and pack all your belongings together. This can be scary for a first time mover who has no idea of how to carry all the important things without overloading the luggage.

We’ve created a list of tips to help those moving for the first time during their transition:

  • Ask for help: Moving without the help of others simply cannot be done. Even if you strong enough to lift all your boxes, you will still need the support of your family and friends. They may have great tips and advice for you which will make the tasks easier. Also, having your family and friends with you can make the boring process of packing fun.
  • Divide your time first: Before you start with anything, you should divide your time up and make a strategy. You cannot pack all your things in one day. You should estimate how long will it take to pack something and add some extra time to it, as you will need plenty of time to discard, sort and collect everything.
  • Manage your things: You will not be able to take everything with you when you relocate to a new place. So before you start packing, you should remove or dispose of all those objects that you will not need. You can donate your old clothes or sell your furniture online. The money that you get from all these things can be used to buy things for your new home.
  • Label your boxes properly: One mistake that the first time movers usually make is that they don’t label their boxes properly, which later causes problems. You have no idea of what is inside your boxes. Numbering or labeling your boxes and writing down the contents of the boxes in a diary will help you avoid such problems. This will also make unpacking easier as you will know exactly where each item is that you are looking for.
  • Wrap fragile objects: Things like vases, cups, glasses, etc., are things that are breakable and should be wrapped properly. Before you begin your packing, buy bubble wrap and properly cover these precious items. Clothes, newspaper, and packing paper all work as well depending on the items.
  • Make a checklist: To further avoid any confusion, make a mover checklist, from where you can cross check everything that you have and need to pack. This list will help you in deciphering whether you have forgotten to pack something or not. As boxes and items go in the truck, cross them off! This will save you from forgetting and important item.

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