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Tips before you move in a Condo

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Moving in general is a very hectic, time consuming and tiring process. Selling your old house, buying a new one, packing and moving is overwhelmingly tiring if you live in a big city. One should always have a mover’s checklist ready for smooth working. Here, we are providing you with condo moving checklist for your convenience during apartment relocation.

  • Sell off the excess clutter that you have. All those belongings that you don’t wish to take further, or won’t match your new home or are completely useless for you should be either sold or given to charity. You can also check with your friends, they might need those things. This way you will save packing time and money.
  • Contrast and compare various mover services and choose the best one. Ask movers to give you a visual on-premise estimate. However, don’t be alarmed if they charge extra if you are shifting to a high rise condo.
  • Insure the belongings that you are moving. Keep yourself aware of the types of moving insurances available. Also check your own insurance documents, as you might have a home or renter’s insurance already.
  • Save couple of bucks. Keep all the receipts for all the expenses you incur as you can deduct some of your moving expenses from your taxes. Also check with the moving company you are hiring as they might offer some seasonal discounts.
  • Make proper travel arrangements if you are moving a bit far or maybe to another city. Rent a car if you don’t have any to move conveniently if it’s within the city, or get yourself booked in flight for cross city travel. If you have pets you might need to be a little more careful and arrange things accordingly.
  • Pack everything that you are going to take with you. Follow the room-to-room approach for convenience. Label all the boxes according to the things it contains, and pack the delicate and fragile things with wrapping paper and bubble wrap.
  • Pack the things last that you will still be using till the last day. Get the bed loaded last in the truck so that after reaching your new abode you can get it out first and put your kids to rest.
  • Get the elevator reserved before moving. Some condos have more than one elevator, so you can get one booked for yourself for easy moving. Because if you are going for a high rise condo and planning to use stairs for moving, company might charge more for that.
  • After arriving, check and count all the boxes that have arrived and make sure they are present.

I hope these tips come in handy for you when you decide to move or select condo movers and can conveniently relocate.

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