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Things to be Kept in Mind while Selecting Storage Facility in NYC

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New York City, the cultural capital of the world always fascinated me. I moved in this beautiful city three months ago. I was mesmerized by the city’s hustle bustle, skyscraper buildings, people belonging to different races and ethnicities. Being the commercial and financial hub, it has always been in the epicenter, drawing large number of people from all over the world. New York has the distinction of being one of the most populous and diverse city in US.

When I moved to this city, the first problem that I encountered was of space. Although the buildings are high but the space in the apartments is limited to accommodate all your belongings. Finding a storage facility was a tedious task, with so many options at hand. Many people face the same problem. Because finding a cheap and secure storage facility is the ultimate challenge.

One should carefully assess the services which are being promised by the storage facility provider. Some of the notable things that should be kept in mind while opting for a storage facility are as follows:

  • The goods for storage should be packed in sturdy boxes so as to protect it from any kind of damage. Boxes should be taped properly.
  • The storage facility should be ideally located which should facilitate easy accessibility from the entire NY area.
  • The storage building should be fully protected from all kinds of intrusions through 24 hour on premise guards and video surveillance so as to ensure full safety of the belongings.
  • Liability protection is another area of concern. The goods should be fully insured against theft, fire or any other damage.
  • Pest control services should be duly provided at regular intervals so as to prevent your belongings from any damage by pests.
  • Full access to the storage facility whenever you need them at any hour of the day.
  • Friendly and supportive customer services at all times should be provided.
  • Terms of service should be clearly known before renting your belongings at any facility.

After doing much research on the above mentioned points, finally I was able to find a cheap storage, NYC for my extra belongings.

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