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Things Not to Forget When Moving Out

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Moving to a new home is a process that takes a lot of time, effort and sometimes it may turn out to be stressful. Amongst all issues to plan and arrange, there are things people forget when they move. To make it easier, make a checklist and follow the guide to make your move smooth.

Talk to your bank teller before you go to see if there’s a branch located in your new hometown. If not, you may need to open a new account in another bank. It’s usually good to open a new account in the new location prior to moving. Also, make sure you cancel any payments that are automatically made from your current account.

Personal Records
Make sure you collect all records, including medical, dental, vaccine and veterinarian. Also, include copies of prescriptions or a list from your pharmacist. Some pharmacies and medical centers will transfer your records to your new physician. Other records to obtain include your child’s education portfolio. This could take some time to collect and store, so try to do this well in advance before you move.

Things to Transfer
Cancel or transfer memberships from any local organizations, gyms, associations and clubs. Be aware that canceling before your membership ends may result in early termination fees. Make sure that you return all the library books then notify the library that you’re moving so they can cancel your card. Also check with any other clubs to cancel your membership.

Check the Car
An important part of your moving preparation is to tune up the car to avoid any breakdown on the way to your new home. If you have a trusted mechanic, ask if they can refer you to another near your new address. If it’s a long road trip, pack a first-aid kit just to be safe.

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