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The Perks of “Central Park’’

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There is no doubt that New York is the best place in the world. Some people visit and some move permanently because of everything it has to offer. This city is known for its vibrant night life, breath taking skyscrapers, landmarks and lots more. But let’s not talk about New York the city, but rather of one of its precious gems called Central Park. Located in Manhattan, it is one of the most famous attractions in New York.

Visitors will find several sources for entertainment in this park. This wonderful park is huge and is one of the things that make NYC more vibrant. Here you can bird watch, stroll along the many paths, rent a rowboat and go out on the water, or even go to the zoo. Full of interesting sights this extraordinary park comprises lakes, ice rinks, theaters, fountains, baseball fields, tennis courts, and numerous playgrounds.

The central park also holds the Metropolitan Museum of art and adventurous zoo. Cars are not allowed to enter into the park which helps maintain this place neat and clean. Its beautiful landscape is appreciated by visitors and maintained by the management team on a regular basis. Walking tracks, lakes and ponds provides a relaxing atmosphere for tourists. You can go for ice-skating, wildlife sanctuary, the Central Park Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden and a large area of natural woods. The fountains, sculptures and famous historical monuments are also present in this park to make it more of a beautiful place. It is the best suited for cyclists, skaters and joggers.

Children love numerous discovery centers, playgrounds, workshops and carousels available in the park. If you are hungry, the restaurants in the park will treat you with delicious food. Concerts and rock shows also take place in central park. Every year a huge number of people move to New York, some for job opportunities and some for education. Long distance moving involves tons of stress, so if you are looking for a quiet place to relax and visit a tourist attraction as well, Central park gives you the perks of both. Enjoy the place. Many people wish to reach where you are.

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