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The Essentials to Survive Your First Winter in NYC

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Winter in NYC is a serious business. In case that you are new to the city, no matter how much cold you think your place to be, adjusting to the winter weather would be a challenging task. The phrase “cold weather” is taken to an entirely different level in this city.

To help you survive the NYC winter in the city easily without running around to get the proper gear, here is a list of the essentials you must bring while moving to the city.

1. Long puffy jackets
This is an obvious one, but the details of the jacket matters the most. Your jacket must be a long one with hood which will protect you from freezing air.

2. Snow boots with warm socks
Regular boots won’t work when it’s snowing outside. So, buy snow boots that are made of rubber and have great grip. You can also get ski or fleece socks with boots to keep you warm.

3. Gloves-regular and fingerless.
Heavy duty gloves are imperative. But you may also have to handle items, hold maps or use your touch screen phone. Therefore, it’s always good to have also fingerless gloves so you can leave it on all the time.

4. Hats with ear cover and woolen scarfs
Hats and scarfs are a must to keep you warm in the chilling NYC winter. The bigger your scarf, the better, as you can cover everything except for your eyes and keep yourself warm.

Long-distance moving, whether it is from state to state or cross-country move, needs to be planned very carefully. So, before you move to NYC in winter season, be prepared with the season’s essentials.

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