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The Best Time to Rent an Apartment in NYC

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A common question that everybody has in their minds before moving to New York City (NYC) is the best time to rent an apartment. Here are some tips:

Renting in the Summer:
This season is the busiest time for the rental market in NYC with a lot of graduates and other people moving to the city. A good thing while renting in this season is that you’ll have a number of available options to select from, but it will be hard for you to negotiate a good deal.

Renting in the Spring/Fall:
This time of the year is the least busy and the best time for you to get the best deal. The landlords during this season are desperate to rent their apartments and will readily accept lower the prices than what they have asked for.

Renting in the Winter:
This is the best time to rent with complete flexibility and a wide variety of available options. You’ll find many available options and you can even negotiate the rent down.

There will always be apartments for rent in NYC, no matter what time of the year it is. You can get in touch with Ben Hur for all your moving needs. We will help you in your moving preparations to ensure a worry free move to your new apartment.

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