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Plan Your Move Well

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Moving can be a very stressful and expensive experience. It is quite and emotional experience too. The furniture you purchased for your living room and bedroom, the refrigerator and microwave, the fine china and glassware, your favorite shoes and jeans, even the small trinkets you have collected, all need to be wrapped, sealed, marked and loaded onto moving trucks and moved. Regardless of whether you are a minimalist or have a hard time throwing things away, it takes time, patience and care to pack your belongings carefully and safely so all your precious memories remain intact. A little common sense along with some carefulness helps when it comes to packing for moving. There are some common tips to be followed if one wants to get to the new place and have all their things intact.

Boxes and Moving Kits
In the long run, it pays to purchase the right packing materials. Sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing peanuts can be purchased at moving companies and truck-rental firms. Supplement with copious amounts of crumpled paper, blankets and pillows; even clothing can serve as a buffer between breakable objects. Then pack with a plan. Take care to pack one room at a time, labeling each box with a description of its contents. Keep the weight of the boxes reasonable. Do not apply tape directly to polished or painted wood finishes.

Packing the Electronic Items
Try to repack your computer and equipment in their original boxes. If possible, attempt to double box your electronics. Moving parts should be immobilized and wires should be color-coded to allow re-installation.

Furniture Packing
In order to assure that your furniture arrives unscathed, it is recommended that you wrap them up in blankets and bubble wrap. Place sofa cushions in garbage bags to provide filler in the moving truck. To prevent scathing, coat fine wood furnishings with wax.

Packing and Moving Dishes and Glassware
Pack plates on their edges and try to place dishtowels or other cushioning on the bottom and sides of the boxes. Wrap dishes and glassware in tissue and fill in empty spaces with newspaper to provide more padding.

Moving can be a very overwhelming experience but if you plan it well and take the necessary precautions, it will turn out to be fine enough. Also, take extra precautions while choosing the moving company so that your precious belongings do not end up in a sorry state when they reach their destination. Browse the Internet for the best moving and storage options at the earliest.

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