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Packing Tips for New Yorkers

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Here are the packing tips for New Yorkers who are planning to move to New Jersey, Connecticut or anywhere else in the east coast.

Before you start packing, prepare a list of belongings to be packed and how many boxes you will need to pack them in. You should start packing the non-fragile possessions first. Along with using regular sized boxes, you can also go for tall wardrobe boxes that are considered perfect to pack light in weight & bulky items such as clothes, blankets, comforters and pillows.

It would be wise if you keep all the things together when packing your belongings. For instance, pack bookends with books, extension cords with appliances and light bulbs with lamps. Moreover, you can stick small and loose parts of the items with tape. Else, you can make a parts box as a backup. Fill up all the necessary items such as cords, parts, pieces, cables or nails required to assemble furniture items in that box.

You can designate a specific color to different boxes. Make a blue mark on the box containing kitchen utensils, yellow mark on box with dining room items and so on. This would help you in unpacking the belongings in your new home. Alternatively, you can designate a specific color to different rooms.

Make sure you are picking the right box for packing your belongings. Avoid packing to many heavy items altogether or in large size boxes as it would become a burden for you and mover to lift and load the heavy box in the moving company, NYC truck.

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