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Nifty Packing Tips for Busy New Yorkers

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Moving to New Jersey or Connecticut or somewhere on the East Coast or are you in for a long haul and planning a move to the West Coast? Wherever you may be heading, you still need to pack all your belongings and this translates into a lot of work. Moving is a huge task, and packing alone needs all your attention. Here are some smart tips you can rely on for fast and convenient packing:

  • The boxes must be of the right size
  • Use small boxes for heavy stuff (brass candlesticks, boots, books etc.)
  • Use large boxes for packing lightweight stuff (linen, clothes, pillows etc.)
  • When packing, place heavier items on the bottom
  • Pack each box to the fullest; do not leave them half filled (fill the empty space with clothing or paper). The idea is to have every box balanced and firm
  • Pack items from different rooms in different boxes- do not mix them as you will have a difficult time sorting stuff when you will unpack
  • Pack dishes using plenty of paper bunched up for padding purposes. Use bubble wraps if possible or you can use packing paper as well. Place dishes on their sides in the boxes and use plenty of padding. Keep paper in between two dishes while packing them. Use dish-barrel boxes for packing dishes
  • Label boxes specifying the section of the house they will go to
  • Also make a list of the number of boxes and synchronized labels and the details about what they contain
  • Finally tape the boxes with the best tape

For packing heavy furniture, electronic items and of course expensive pieces of arts and paintings, we suggest you hire an expert moving company NYC   residents can have a hassle free packing and unpacking experience if they pack using the tips listed above.

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