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Moving Your Office

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Moving your office from one location to another is a very challenging task. In most cases, moving into a new office is more troubling and stressful than moving into a new home. The best option is to hire professional help for moving.

Here are some tips that could make your office moving easy:

Planning is very important for your move. Your planning will make your move efficient and take lesser time. This is cost-efficient and will also reduce the stress for all people working in the office. Make sure to know the new location, and decide what things go in what space.

Categorize Items:
Categorize the items in your office. This helps mover to know the nature of the items.
Big Items- Desks, Cabinets, Large Furniture, Tables, Electric Machinery
Medium Items – Chairs, End tables, Lighting Fixtures, Smaller Furniture, Shelves, Decorations, Computers and Printer, etc.
Small Items – Books, Artwork, Lamps or Anything that can fit within boxes.

Employee Help
Ask some trusted people within company to help with the move.
Instruct moving companies with all the important details.
Give employees responsibility of certain areas of the office. This breaks down the job into smaller parts which becomes easier for all.

Things to do before your move:
Change your address in the Post Office so all your mail will be delivered at the new address.
Provide your customers with information about your new location. Assure them that there will be no disruption in service.
Notify your local phone company and Internet provider about the move.

Moving Company
Movers will help you move everything from old office to the new location. Build a rapport with them as all your expensive things will be moved by them. Moving companies are experts and it’s their job to know how to move offices without ruining any of the belongings. Before hiring, ask for a moving quote from the moving company. Most of the companies provide free estimates.

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