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Moving Made Easy!

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As a student, if you do not live with your parents, then the one thing that usually does not remain constant is your rented apartment. There are students who actually change their apartment every semester! It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? All that moving, all that shifting, looking for a new place and so on. This piece is for you, if you are a nomad. And it’s for you even if you are not one. There are many who personally find the idea of moving to a new apartment cumbersome. It means a new set of people, a new neighborhood and most of all, it means moving all your belongings to this new place. It can be quite a task and very tiring. Read on and learn how to move without much hassle.

If you are moving, then you should start preparing yourself at least a week in advance. First thing to do is to make a list of your belongings. You need to be absolutely sure whether you have taken everything from your apartment, so that you do not have to come back for your things, or worse, lose your things. It’s best to keep a checklist from which you can tick off what all you have packed and what remains. Once this is done, get a couple of sturdy cardboard boxes from your movers. Once you receive the boxes, label each of them depending on what you mean to put inside the boxes. Since you will be doing this a week in advance, make sure that the things you pack are the ones that are not used often. This is extremely helpful as you will know where the small, everyday things are, and make unpacking easy for you.

On the day you finally move, try to do it in a way, that you move one room at a time. Doing this will make unloading a lot easier. Also, make sure you have bubble wraps and specialty boxes. When packing fragile articles and house plants, you will need both. All the articles that you feel are fragile should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap before you keep them away in boxes. It has happened many a times, that such items have been found broken inside the boxes they were kept in. Bubble wraps are your only chance at ensuring that nothing breaks.

Once all your things have been kept away and packed, half the moving preparation is done. Next up is loading the vehicle. While doing this, make sure you have your checklist in hand, from which you can tick off whatever has been moved. Pack the every day articles in a different box, and load these right at the end, so that these are the first items that are taken out. With all this done, all you need to do now is drive off to your new location.

New place, new people, new life! Wish you a happy stay, till it’s time to say so again!

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