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Moving and Storage Services Provided by the Moving Companies in NYC

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If you are planning to move your home or office, then you must have searched a lot about various moving companies. There are a number of companies in your nearby areas that provide residential as well as commercial moving services. Make sure to hire a professional mover that provides maximum services at reasonable rates.

Almost all the moving companies provide free estimates of the services to the clients. So, always ask them to give a brief about the total expenses. They usually send a relocation consultant at the clients’ place to give them a brief detail about all the services. And also don’t forget to ask them whether they are a certified company.

The professional moving companies provide both local and long distance moves at affordable rates. And it is often seen that these professional movers have two separate departments, one for the commercial moves and the other for the residential moves. The sole reason behind this is that the commercial moving requires more experience than the residential moving.

Besides providing moving services, these companies also provide storage services. In case, you are not able to move your all belongings to the new place, you can store them at the storage units provided by the companies. The storage services provided by them are very cost effective and there is no time limit, as you can keep your belongings at the storage units for a short as well as long period of time.

Not only this, there are many other services provided by these companies, which include carpentry service for floors and furniture, disposal of unwanted items, locks removal and installation, upholstery of sofas and chairs, IT services, rental of plastic bins for packing, handy-man service for all odds and ends jobs, installation of appliances and electronics.

So, there are lots of benefits for hiring a residential or a commercial mover. One can not only hire the moving service but can also take an advantage of cheap storage facility. But before hiring a moving company, you should search extensively about its reputation and credibility in the market. You can also check the company’s testimonial page where you can see the feedback provided by the old clients.

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