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Letting Go of Memorable Items Before Moving

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The hardest part of moving a house is the fact that you cannot take everything to your new home. It is difficult to let go of a few things that mean so much to you but you cannot possibly take them along. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with all the old childhood toys, crafts and a lot of photos.

Mentioned below are a few tips to help you keep all the old memories alive without taking too much space in your new abode.

Sort through the boxes: Look closely at all the items that you will not be able to take with you. Make sure you throw away everything that is damaged and cannot be kept.

Photographs: You can deal with photos by scanning them and keeping them in your laptop. You can further create family albums for everyone and pass it on.

Small Chests: Go for small chests so that you can keep all the stuff that is memorable to the family. This will ensure that all the items are safe and not much space is taken.

Design Elements of Old Home: Before you put all your items in the moving truck , make sure that you do not forget that beautiful oil painting that defined your living room. You can use it for your new home as well so that you are reminded of your old family home. You can also paint the rooms in the same colors as the old one or place the furniture like the old way.

Dedicate a Cabinet: You can also use a small shelf or a display cabinet in the living room and put all the items in it that you simply could not let go of. This will constantly remind you for the good times you spent with them at home. These cabinets do not take too much of space and look great.

The above tips will help you not only save space in your new home but also help in maintaining the essence of the old home in the new home with just a little bit of effort and creativity.

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