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Know Your Rights While Hiring Moving Companies

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If you have decided to move into the house of your dreams, there are a lot of things that you have to take care of so that it’s a stress free move. Moving can be traumatic, long and excessively tiring if you don’t plan it properly. However, if you follow a few useful tips and know your rights, it will definitely become a smooth and hassle free experience.

1. Estimates – Before selecting any full-service movers, it’s important that they give you a rough estimate that will help you know how much the entire move would cost. Moreover, the estimate should be in writing so that you have a written proof from the company. Reading all of the provisions of your estimate carefully is also important so that you have a clear idea of what services they are going to offer. If your move is within five days or costs less than $500, the estimate may be verbal, rather than in writing. Ask for a Binding Estimate if you want a guaranteed price.

2. Bill of lading – When the professional full service movers take possession of your household goods, a bill of lading will be issued. This bill will be like a receipt that would identify who owns the belongings that are kept in the moving van. You should make sure that your estimate is attached to the bill. This will make sure that the mover abides by the price you were quoted.

3. Lost or damaged goods – Every moving company is responsible for the goods transported. So, whenever you hire any company make sure that you know how your goods are covered in case of loss and/or damage. There are normally three options: weight based liability; value based liability; and a third-party insurance. Inquire with you mover which option is best for you.

4. Claims – When you notice any of your items are damaged during the move, you should file a written claim with your moving company. Any full service mover that you choose should provide you at least 60 days to file a claim and acknowledge receipt of your claim within 10 days they receive it. Ordinarily, they will resolve or settle your claim within 30 days.

So, these are a few basic things that you should remember before hiring full service movers that will turn your move into a pleasant experience.

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