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Know the Security Services at the Storage Houses

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A storage house in Bronx is the answer to all your storage needs. An ideal storage not only deals with the external security concerns, but also with the internal ones. Reports of thefts, frauds and break-ins at storage houses are very rare because the security of these storage houses is the prime concern. Following are the various methods to ensure utmost security of the storage units-

1.Security Cameras – Storage houses offer storage facilities for your belongings and are secured by surveillance cameras in the entire area. The storage units are usually not located in the populated area hence; these cameras provide the eyes for safety.
2.Intrusion Alarm-Systems – The units are secured with these alarms that will set off when the storage house doors are opened without the security being disabled. Some systems may even have infrared sensors that will sound when they spot any unauthorized movements in the area of concern.
3.Security Guards – They are employed at the entrance and they also conduct patrols around the storage units. No matter how sophisticated the security measures are at the unit, they can be disabled by dishonest personnel. Most storage houses have very trustworthy guards who will thoroughly screen all personnel before allowing entry.
4.Fire Safe – These storage houses are fire safe and well lit. Many store houses provide pest control services to ensure safety of your belongings in all weathers and varied climatic conditions.
5.Computerized Gates – Most storage units have computerized gates at the entrance to enhance security. This is further increased by an additional security personnel standing by. The gates restrict access to only selected personnel and every record is being tracked by the system and the security cameras. The movement data is recorded 24×7.
6.Third- Party Insurance – Many storages provide third party insurance of your belongings kept at these units. The insurance provides protection against theft or fire.

Many Bronx storage units have more adequate security measures that will ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure.

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