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Important Tips for Packing Fragile Items when Moving

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Hiring a professional moving company to pack all your belongings as you prepare for your relocation is always a wise idea. But, there are some delicate items that you want to pack yourself with utmost care to ensure their safety. If you do choose to handle the job yourself, please exercise extreme care when packing your fragile items. Here are some tips to help you avoid damage and frustration when packing and moving delicate items.

  • It’s a good idea to wait to secure fragile items until just about everything else in your home has been packed, but make sure that you get started early. Packing porcelain, valuable crystal and other fragile items should not be rushed.
  • Not only you should use bubble wrap or newsprint when wrapping your breakables, you should also line the bottom of the boxes holding the items. If you don’t have the budget for bubble wrap, try using a generous amount of tissue paper.
  • Pack fragile items as tightly as you can into each box so there is less of a risk of them banging together during the move. Use crumpled packing paper in the empty spaces around the items as it will act as a cushion.
  • When packing delicate items, start with a layer of packing material such as wadded paper, packing peanuts, or polyethylene foam at the bottom of the box. If possible, pack fragile items in their original boxes. The heavier items should always be placed at the bottom of the box with lighter items on top.

5.Prepare the packing supplies that you will need, well in advance. These are packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes of various sizes, pliable cardboard and scissors. Try to estimate how many fragile items you will be packing for your move, so that you can get sufficient boxes.

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