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How to Plan your Move?

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Moving to a new place with all your belongings is undeniably a stressful job for New Yorkers. However, if you start completing the tasks weeks before, you would end up having a tension-free moving day.

4 weeks before moving

  • Give your new address to mobile, satellite, cable and internet service provider and inform them your moving date.
  • Provide your new address to your credit card provider, to avoid any inconvenience later
  • If you have children, inform their date of joining to new school and the date of leaving to their old school.
  • In case, you are moving out of the area, do not forget to register again with dentist, doctor and optician.
  • Inform your local council that you are moving to a new address.

2 weeks before moving

  • Send the change of address notification to financial institutions, family and friends, post office and others from whom you receive mails.
  • Tell your new address to water, gas and electricity providers.
  • Give old cloths and toys to charity.

3 days before moving

  • Get rid of items that you want to dispose.
  • Stop buying perishables.
  • Start packing your belongings.

Moving day

  • Get the appliances disconnected by the electrician
  • Keep your inventory slip and registration number with you. This would help you later in case there is a delay in shipping.
  • Once all your belongings are loaded in the truck of moving company, NYC, take a final walk-through of your home to ensure nothing is left behind.

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