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How to Pick a Moving Truck?

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To move your belongings from your old location to your new home, you will need a truck. But do you know how to determine the right-sized moving truck needed for your possessions? Many people end up renting too small or too big a truck for the move. If you do not want to get counted in this bracket, follow these tips.

Pack up Everything
Before you start looking for a truck, pack all the items in boxes. Make sure, you have packed each and every belonging that you want to take along to your new home.

Determine Cubic Footage
After completing the packing step, you would be able to determine the total cubic footage to be taken by the boxes inside the moving truck. However, you need to learn there are ways by which you can actually make the best use of space available in the truck. Instead of keeping the boxes in a line, keep heavier ones at the bottom and stack lighter or smaller boxes on the top while measuring the cubic footage.

Measure Truck
Before finalizing any truck, ask the renter to let you look inside it. Measure the area where your belongings will be loaded and check if these would fit well in the available space. Compare it with the previous measurements just to be safe.
However, if you do not want to get involved in this long process, hire a reputable moving company, NYC and allow them to handle your move from packing to placing all items at your new address perfectly!

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