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How To Move With Kids

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Moving, as a process, can affect you both mentally and physically. Whether you are relocating just around the corner or across the country, the entire process can cause immense stress. And, when there are children involved in this process, your stress level can go right through the roof. If you handle your move efficiently and effectively, the entire process of moving from one place to another can become quite an easy job. The positive thing is that children are highly flexible and adaptable. If you take sufficient time out to prepare them for the upcoming move, chances are that they will not complain about it and even cooperate with you.

Given below are some of the important ways to prepare your children for the relocation:

1) Discuss the entire move with children: The best way of preparing children for the impending relocation is to discuss it thoroughly with them. Allow them to ask questions about the move and answer each and every question honestly. You should stay completely receptive to both negative and positive reactions. If you are relocating across the town, you may consider taking your kids along to visit the new home and meet the new neighbors. In the case of long distance move, give them as much information as possible about the new city, home, and state.

2) Involve children in packing: If the children are old enough, you may seek their help in the packing process too. It will help them accept the relocation process easily and also reduce your burden of packing. You can even make packing into a fun game by playing music in the background and dancing around.

3) Allow kids to say good-bye to their friends: You should ensure that your children part with their teachers and friends on a positive note. Therefore, you should make sure that they are able to say good-bye to their friends and teachers in a jovial environment. It will help them accept the change more easily and get on with the relocation process. So, when you learn that you will relocate sooner or later, contact your children’s teachers, caregivers, friends and coaches as it will create a pool of supporting people for your children. You may organize a party as well and click pictures to make it a memorable event.

4) Spend quality time with kids post move: You should try to make sure that the first night post relocation is a family time with adequate fun in order to get on with the immediate changes. It can be a great time to thank your children for the cooperation that they displayed in your moving preparation and the entire relocation process. Make sure you remind them the new house will soon be full of new family memories. Do not forget to make children’s room comfortable and familiar with their favorite belongings as it will help them adjust to the changes faster.

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