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How To Move On a Budget

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Some relocate in search of a better life, better job, or a more stable situation. For many, budgeting out a move is one of the most important factors as nobody wants to go broke moving to their new home. While some expenses are unavoidable, there are a variety of ways to lower costs by planning in advance, comparing companies, claiming freebies (moving boxes) from relatives or friends, and rethinking your presumptions about your moving options and expenses. In addition to these tips we’ve broken down several other ways to save money while moving to help you in your transition period wherever that may take you.

  • 1. Pack Early: It is difficult to know how much stuff you have until you begin to pack. By packing early you’ll have plenty of time to determine what supplies you need, price shop, and sell of unused items. Properly packing items can make a vital difference in the condition of your belongings once they arrive at your destination. Pack your items well and provide plenty of protection to insure that you will not have to replace any items when you arrive at your new destination. Selling off unused items can help you earn some cash for your move as well as reducing expenses and the items you have to take with. By starting early with packing you can determine what you really need to take with and what can be sold.
  • 2. Hire a Company: If your move is being made in a short amount of time then hiring a moving company to help may be a good option. The right company can safeguard your items and move them quickly with precision. Research companies around you and price shop to find the best deal for your move. Ask around for advice from friends or family to get first hand experience from different companies. Alternatively, you can hire some companies to do a self-move. They drive the truck and you do all the packing.
  • 3. Don’t Forget the Little Expenses: Getting your utilities, cable and internet service set up costs money as well as time. You may be required to make a deposit or a prepayment on a utility, depending on your credit score. Therefore, keep this in mind while planning your moving budget that various deposit charges can take a toll on the budget. When you set up your utilities in advance, you may be assigned a confirmation number for either your service request or deposit/prepayment. Keep a copy of these numbers handy during your move. Internet, phone and cable companies offer package deals, at times, on their services. You can seize those deals and save a lot of money. Local newspapers also carry advertisements quite often for special promotions. So, grab a copy of these papers to find out if you can save more by taking advantage of a special discount.

Relocating from one place to another can be a time consuming, stressful and costly affair. However, when you pay special focus to the financial aspects of moving and take simple steps to bring down the costs, you will significantly bring down the stress and can move cheaply. These steps will definitely make the transition to a new house and place an easier one.

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