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How to Move an Aquarium in NYC?

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Moving a fish aquarium requires knowledge and care. To move it safely, you would need plastic containers for your fish and protection service for your fish tank. For a successful transportation here are a few tips:

Before your Move

  • Contact your local pet store and check for the latest moving guidelines for fish.
  • Place the fish in small container with some of the water for the tank.
  • Keep the gravels of tank in a separate bucket that should be partly covered with water. It keeps the microorganisms alive and help fish to live in the same nitrogen cycle at your new address.
  • The fish tank must be completely emptied of water, equipment, and all decorative items. The movers will provide the right boxing for the tank.

During the Journey
Avoid bumpy road, sudden deceleration or acceleration and swerves. It would be a wise idea to hire the live animal shipping service in case you journey is more than three hours long.

After Reaching
Immediately set up the fish aquarium, keeping all the decorations exactly the way these used to be in the tank. While filling up the water, remember to equalize the temperature.

To have a successful move, you need to hire a right moving company, NYC that can take care of your belongings the way you do during the move.

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