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How to Get a Good Moving Estimate?

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If you’re planning to move to a new place, then hiring a licensed, reputable and experienced moving company sounds like your best option to ensure a quick and hassle free move. Requesting a free visual estimate is the most reliable and accurate way to budget your moving costs and find the best option.

Local and short-distance moves are usually priced by the hourly cost of labor. For moves across state lines, the rates are based on the weight/volume and the distance shipped, plus the amount of special services such as packing and storage. Movers offer two different kinds of estimates: binding and non-binding.

Binding estimates are written agreements that guarantee the cost based on the items and services listed in the estimate sheet. In this type of estimate, even if your actual volume or weight or time is more than the original written estimate, you still pay for only the amount of the estimate.

Non-binding estimates, on the other hand, are not guaranteed. This estimate is a rough idea as what the total cost may be. The final bill could be higher or lower than the original written estimate, depending on the actual volume/weight/time. If the bill is higher than the estimate, the mover may collect up to 10% (25% in NY) extra on top of the amount specified in the non-binding estimate on the date of delivery.

If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective moving services, you can count on us. We offer professional moving and storage services at competitive rates. We also offer free moving estimates keeping your specific needs in mind and enabling you to work within a budget.

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