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Helpful Moving Tips

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Moving is quite an uneasy task for New Yorkers. Many end up having an unpleasant moving day due to insufficient planning. Planning is essential and taking necessary actions before the move are wise. We are here with a set of tips that would guide and help you in having a smooth and enjoyable moving day.

  • Start your planning at the earliest possible. The sooner you would make a check list, the better off you will be.
  • From reading glasses to toiletries, keep everything you would require during your journey to new home, in your carry-on bag.
  • Click pictures of your electronics and furniture items. These snaps would help you out in reassembling the belongings without any trouble at your new home.
  • Before leaving, check no cord is hanging out of the box. Use tape to cover them all.
  • Ensure all the boxes carrying your belongings are labeled appropriately. An idea is to label these as per your rooms, by this you would know which box to open while setting up your bedroom or kitchen.
  • Get the copies of all necessary records including medical and school/ college certificates related to every member of your family.
  • You can hire helpers for pets and babies.
  • Make sure that parking is available for the moving truck at your new address.
  • Hire the moving company, NYC after a thorough research on internet. It would be great to read the previous clients’ reviews before making the final call.

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