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    Moving can be very stressful, whether you are moving locally or to another state. The following free moving resources are designed to help you have a smooth move, as the more prepared you are, the easier your move.

    Interstate Moves

    The following article, provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, explains what you as a client can expect from Ben Hur Moving, as well as all moving companies in general. The article covers the following topics:

    Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

    • General mover requirements
    • What to do before requesting mover services
    • Service options provided
    • Estimating charges
    • Requirements for the pickup of your goods
    • Requirements for the transportation of your goods
    • Requirements for the delivery of your goods
    • The collection of charges

    The following printable PDF cheat sheet is useful during your move. It provides requirements for movers, so you know your rights as well as a checklist to help you get started. Ready to Move? Tips for a Successful Interstate Move

    New York Moves

    The following article is similar in theme to the above U.S. Department of Transportation article but instead is more specific towards New York moves. It defines and explains terms such as an order for service and bill of lading. As well as covering topics of “How much it should cost you to move?” and “What is the mover’s liability for loss or damage?”

    Summary of Information For Shippers of Household Goods

    All Moves

    This article describes the problems associated with Gypsy Moths and how you can avoid them while moving. It also describes how to do a self-inspection of your property to ensure you don’t bring along any unwanted ‘visitors’.

    Don’t Move Gypsy Moth

    Provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, this article describes moving terms and the type of liability you are able to obtain through insurance options.

    Understanding Valuation and Insurance Options

    The following additional resources are helpful for an easier and less stressful moving experience.

    Storage Services

    NYC Mini Storage

    Change of Address

    U.S. Postal Service

    Departments of Transportation

    United States Department of Transportation
    New York Department of Transportation
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

    Home Improvement

    Lowe’s Home Improvement
    The Home Depot

    Maps, Directions, and Weather

    Utility Connection Services

    Yellow Page Directories

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