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For Avoiding Moving Scams

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Are you nervous for your moving day? You are not alone. Moving is referred as the one of most stressful activities by psychologists in the United States. To make this day a bit easier, most of us turn to a moving company. It is a good decision but you have to be careful before hiring someone.

Accurate estimate of volume or weight – When you call 3 or more companies for estimate at home, provide the sales representative with information about all the services you may need. Make sure that ALL services are enlisted in all estimates. Also, inquire about getting a Binding Price.

On-time service – If you are moving at peak relocation season, read this carefully. There are companies that may be overbooked by error. It would be wise to ask your mover if they can do the move in a timely fashion. Ask for assurances to be included in your estimate. Moreover, to avoid any delay in your move, you can ask them to add a late delivery penalty clause in the contract.

Before hiring a moving company, NYC, you must read the contract and company’s policies thoroughly.

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