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Disassembling Tips for New Yorkers before a Move

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It may be very tempting to move furniture and electronic systems un-assembled. From safety perspective however, it is not recommended. Follow the tips below to get help in disassembling units smartly and run the moving day as smooth as possible.

Begin with taking a snap of each item like electronic or furniture before disassembling them. This picture will help you in putting the pieces of the items back together smoothly. For people, it works as a boon when they can’t recall the simple move in the assembling process.

Mostly people let the movers load the large items as it is in their trucks. But if these can be disassembled, they really should be. This would minimize the risk of damage; also, you can wrap the items like glass, table legs in a more protective way.

Disassemble the obvious pieces first and then move forward by removing piece-by-piece. Note down all the steps. If any piece of item is installed with different size screws, it is better to keep them separate and mark it down in your notes as to which screws were used on what sections.

Similarly, you can follow the same tips while disassembling computer, media center, gaming console, surround sound, etc. If you have the colored stickers, apply them on the two ends that you have pulled apart. This would help in easily matching the colored cords and cables with each other to put them back together.

If you are not comfortable with installing your possessions on your own, select a moving company, NYC that can help you out in assembling the electronics, furniture and appliances in your new home.

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