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Check for Moving Scams

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As the need of movers is rising day by day, there are many frauds that emerge up to exploit New York residents. Many would assume they are smart enough to escape the situation but they are actually getting trapped in their vicious circle. If you have hired any moving company for your final day, stay alert for the following things:

Required Deposit
Frauds would ask you for the deposit. Remember, you are required to pay if you are renting a truck yourself. If possible, pay with your credit card that would let you to file a dispute in case you find any item missing after reaching to your new address.

Guaranteed Quote
Many frauds take the advantage of clients who do not read the contract and sign it blindly. But, you need to understand guaranteed quote itself has many hidden tricks. If you read the contract, you will get to know about the permissible weight of belongings. Do not sign the contract if you have no idea about this mentioned weight.

Name Changes
Frauds tend to change their names when the list of claims and complaints against them expands. To check this, you need to view their history since they came into existence. In case they are not listed in the Better Business Bureau, do not hesitate to ask them the reason behind it. Look for experiences of their previous clients with them.

Before hiring any moving company, NYC, you can ensure they have a local address, licensing and insurance.

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