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Celebrating New Year for the First Time in New York?

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The most famous New Year’s event in the world is the annual dropping of the ball at Times Square, New York City. The celebration is broadcasted on channels across the world. If this is your first time in New York City, here are some tips on how you can celebrate your New Year:

Times Square
If you are planning to join the famous Times Square celebrations, keep in mind to get there early, between 1pm-5pm. Also, wear lots of warm clothes unless you want to stand outside for long hours in the freezing air.

Enjoy a great concert on New Year’s Eve
Catch an amazing performance: Visit the New York Philharmonic Gala at Lincoln Center, head to the Brooklyn waterfront for a Concert, or go to the Madison Square Garden.

Clubs and Bars
If you want to dance or drink New Year’s Eve away, New York City bars and clubs might be the perfect answer. From all inclusive to very exclusive, these New York City clubs and bars will be hosting New Year parties.

Throw a party at your home
If you are not a fan of crowded areas, throw a quiet party at your place for new friends. Also the cardboard moving boxes will come in handy later when you’ll be cleaning the after party mess.

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