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Celebrating Christmas in New York

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Christmas in New York is a truly magical time that brings family and friends together. The city welcomes visitors with open arms during this festive season. This festival in New York has been featured in shows and films such as Miracle on 34th Street and Elf.

Here are some ideas on what to do on Christmas in New York.

The first stop is the Rockefeller Center, see the illuminating big Christmas tree, and also click a photo or two. The tree watches over the famous ice skating ground, which is a romantic spot for couples and will make great memories for families as well.

Visit the Radio City Music Hall located just around the corner, where the Radio City Christmas Spectacular’s Rockettes perform a high-kicking and high-spirited selection of classic Christmas songs.

Walk around a little and enjoy city’s creative window display. Visitors can enjoy shopping with family and buy gifts for their close friends and relatives.

Next stop you could go to is Macy’s. The shop transforms into a winter wonderland complete with snow, elves, and of course Santa Claus himself who will be happy to give you a big hug.

The holiday model train show at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx is a delight to all ages, and is not far from the Animal Light Show at the Bronx Zoo.

Hang around after Christmas for the New Year celebrations at Time Square or head to the snowy countryside to relax and unwind after a magical Christmas spent in New York.

Many people throw party at their homes on Christmas. They enjoy bringing in the new tree and decorating their house every year. So you can join your friends, if they are hosting a party. You can help them to clean up the after party mess. The stores’ moving boxes will become handy in any future move.

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