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Best Way To Label Boxes

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College life brings several challenges with it. But one challenge that almost every student faces before starting college is moving into a dorm. The task of going through all of your things, figuring out what to keep at home and take with can be overwhelming. Moving requires a lot of planning and calculation. There are so many things to keep track of that it’s important to be organized in all of your steps. With all the confusion in mind, one thing that students tend to become careless with, is labeling boxes. Everyone thinks they will remember what is being packed where. In reality, once you have reached your destination, you will be surrounded by boxes that all look alike. With all the excitement of moving into your new dorm there is no way that you’ll remember everything packed in each box.

To avoid this problem, you should always label your boxes properly, and you can do so by following the steps below:

1. Label the box on top as well as on the side: This will help you as you won’t have to take all the boxes out, if you need anything from them. Labeling on the top and side will provide you a clear view of the contents of the boxes and you will be able to access them easily.

2. Put your name first:Writing your name on the boxes will help you differentiate your own boxes from others. You would hate to start opening a box only for it to be your roommates. This keeps things clear and cuts down on accidental unnecessary work.

3. Add your room number to the box: Just like mentioning your name on the boxes is important, similarly, you should mention your room number on them. This will inform your movers about your room and they will be able to take your stuff there without any delay. Make a sheet of stickers with your room number and your name to avoid having to rewrite this on things over and over.

4. Make a “Open First” box: Place in them all the important things that you will need for the first couple of days after the move, until you have fully unpacked. You will be able to use these things until you get some free time to unpack all your other things.

5. Use a permanent marker: Writing with a permanent marker will give you the assurance that whatever you write on the box will be there permanently. Even the rain won’t erase all the important labels of your boxes.

6. Make a list of things inside the box: Making a list of all the contents and sticking it to that box will be helpful as you will be able to get all important things easily without unpacking all the boxes. It will also make the task of unpacking easy, once you reach your dorm or hostel.

Following these steps will certainly make the student moving process hassle free and effortless.

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