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Before You Hire A Moving Company in New York City!

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Choosing a moving company becomes quite a daunting task in New York when you have so many options. Just emphasize on certain points, which would help you out in hiring a moving company which you can rely on.

Don’t throw darts blindly at the Yellow Pages. Instead surf the Internet and do a bit of research work using key words such as NYC movers or New York movers. You will surely find a good number of companies to choose from.

Contact the companies you selected and call them and find out if they could cater your moving & storage needs or not. But before you make an appointment with the movers to visit your home for a free visual estimate, ask them a few questions. There are two kinds of estimates, Non-Binding and Binding Estimates. Ask them clearly if they give both options. Also, some movers charge fee for visual estimates. Narrow down your choice to top 3 moving companies and finally call them to your home.

Some movers’ price is higher than the estimate originally quoted. It usually happens because unspecified fees are added up to the original quote. To avoid that tell the movers about all the services that you need and make sure that its included in the price. Your move would be great if you know all charged beforehand.

To be absolutely sure with your choice, you can check the compliant registry of the moving company, NYC. It is a place where you can read good or bad experiences of the people who used them. Besides, you can check out the frequently asked questions page on the company’s website to clear your doubts about services.

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