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Attractions For Kids In NYC!

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New York City offers innumerable fun activities and attractions for kids and teens. The city has some of the most amazing parks, museums, toy stores and restaurants for the younger lot to enjoy to the fullest. The plus point is that their parents won’t feel left out and are sure to have a gala time with their kids. Here are a few stunning places that this city offers for the amusement of the children.

American Museum Of Natural History – The kids will love this museum as it offers plethora of enthralling material for both the younger and the older kids. Here, the kids will love the dinosaur halls and watching the fossils and models. Plus, the museum’s Discovery room offers a lot of hands-on fun and learning.

Central Park – Children can run around this spectacular playground. They can enjoy a walk and its diverse terrains or indulge in a bike ride through the greenery. You can pick up these bikes from Bike and Roll or a Citi Bike station.

Central Park Zoo – Located at Fifth Avenue and West 64th Street, this zoo has a section geared especially towards young children, where they can feed the Pygmy goats, see Vietnamese potbellied pigs and fall under the spell of Patagonian caves.

Brooklyn Bridge – Along with your kids you can enjoy a stroll on the historic Brooklyn bridge. And when you get to the other side, meander along the majestic Brooklyn Heights promenade and enjoy the Manhattan skyline. While doing all this, don’t forget to indulge in some mouth-watering rich ice cream at the famed Brooklyn Ice cream factory.

So these are some of the best places where you can take your kids and relax after your long distance moving. Have a great and relaxed stay in NYC!

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