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Asking For Moving Quotes

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Moving is quiet an expensive task and puts a lot of pressure on the pocket. Before finalizing a moving company, getting a rough estimate from the company is the best way to plan your move. Contact them to ask for their moving quotes, and make sure to know the entire process in detail. The estimate will help you balance your budget. Here is how to proceed:

  • The moving quotes are based on the list of items, you will be moving. Count every furniture and boxes you have. Make a list of electrical appliances, bedroom furniture, kitchen items, living room furniture and various other things that you have in the house. Do not exclude anything from your list. The company will charge you for every item.
  • Most companies provide a free quote. This way you can get the estimate from the moving company before deciding to hire them.
  • Overestimate from your side to avoid any surprise charges. You might have forgotten to include some items in the list. Just because you did not include that item in your list, doesn’t mean moving company won’t charge for it.
  • Read the contract and understand the terms & conditions before hiring. If there is anything in the contract that does not seem right to you, talk to them and sort it out beforehand.
  • Compare prices and services of at least three or four moving companies. Ask them for free quotes and choose wisely. Bargain if you can and ask for discounts.
  • Moving cost depends on factors such as volume or weight of the shipment, distance of the move, and/or time of moving, etc. Ask the company to give you a precise estimate so you know beforehand the amount that you will be paying. Moving quotation helps us to plan our move accordingly.

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