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5 Tips On Moving Preparations

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The biggest problem with trying to save money on moving preparations is that you could fall into the hands of a cheap but unethical movers. Ever since the federal laws have changed, it has become easier for moving companies to round up customers in sketchy ways.

Let’s break down various ways to approach your moving preparations.

Reviews and Ratings. First and foremost, make sure the moving company is licensed and insured. As different states have different requirements, check with an official agency to make sure the moving company is legitimate. Another way to find a trustworthy mover is to ask a local real estate agent, friends, or online groups for their recommendations.

Large Moving Companies. The benefit of hiring a franchised moving company is that they are established. They have a reputable organization to support them and are not likely to burden you with any extra cost. These companies are best for people with a huge house and tons of furniture as they will pack, organize and adjust everything for you in the moving van.

In Home Estimate. Most moving companies will offer free in home estimates. Be sure to be specific about everything you want to be moved. The estimate should be in writing and it should include details of all of the charges. Do get a copy of the written estimate and don’t sign anything if you are uncertain about it.

Avoid Shady Companies. It happens multiple times, that once the movers get your stuff onto the moving van and they are weighed, they tell you that the move is actually going to cost you much more. Hence, you’ll end up paying more than the promised cost. And if you put up a fight, they’ll refuse to deliver your stuff or put them in resale to make up for the losses.

Ask Questions. Ask simple questions to know more about the company, like how long have they been in business or whether they are licensed and insured, and so on. Make sure to ask questions about the insured value of your belongings and any surcharges not included in the estimate.
A little bit of research prior to your move will always help. It’ll ensure the move runs smoothly. The last thing you would want on top of a stressful moving preparation is careless movers or a surprise charge on your final bill.

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