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3 Top Parks In New York!

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There are various newcomers or migrants that New York welcomes every year with arms wide open. They are always looking for the best places to visit and have fun. Nearly 14% of New York City is covered with green spaces and some stand above the rest. So here is a list of the top 3 parks in New York that you might want to visit.

1.Central Park- Central Park is the heart of the borough of Manhattan, New York City and is spread in 843 acres. It is one of the best places to hang around, to do recreational activities or to take a stroll. A wooded section of the park is popular amid the birders known as “The Ramble.” Rowboats and kayaks can be rented on hourly basis at the Loeb Boathouse. Central Park also houses the largest merry go rounds in the US named Central Park Carousel.

2.Brooklyn Bridge Park- It is one of the most popular parks in New York. A chunk of the Brooklyn waterfront was transformed into a nearly 85-acre expanse. There are several unique attractions here such as Jane’s Carousel, a restored 1920s merry-go-round, and riverside esplanades with gorgeous Manhattan views. Its latest addition, Pier 5, designed specifically for “active recreation”—sporting leagues and events.

3.Flushing Meadows- Corona Park- Being the city’s second-biggest park, its most enduring icon is the Unisphere, the steel globe created for the 1964 World’s Fair. The huge lush-green fields include a zoo, a boating lake, a skate park, a barbecue area, playfields, and a $66 million aquatic and hockey center. Around 4 years ago, wetland plants such as swamp azalea and swamp milkweed were added to handle the park’s water runoff, improving the catch-and-release fishing in Meadow Lake.

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