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10 Ways To Cut Down Moving Expenses

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According to statistics, approximately 16.7 million households move annually. The total costs incurred by an average household goes sky-high. One needs to hire professional movers for proper packing and moving, but even after that there are several tips to cut down to moving costs. Some of the most used tips are-

  • Good Riddance- Get rid of all the things that you either don’t use or don’t want to take with yourself. Sell out the extra clutter which will bring you some extra money or give it out for charity. By getting rid of unwanted items, you can cut the cost for moving around 30-40%.
  • Schedule Matters- Book and schedule your move at a correct time. Generally peak season which are summers, are the costliest. Try and plan your move on weekdays in mid month (ideally in the month of September to May) which is the off-peak time and helps you to get deals where the costs are cut down by 20-30%.
  • Box it up! – Box your belongings up in boxes which are used or recycled. But do make sure that they are in a condition to hold your stuff and will be able to withstand the rigors of transportation. Similarly, after you are done moving, you can sell these boxes off to the company you got it from. Save and save again!
  • DIY- Pack up the items yourself. This will help you to keep a track where everything has been kept and will also save movers time. After all “time is money my friend”!
  • Label them- If you have a label maker, then its the best. Otherwise to label the boxes, the most cost effective idea is to either print them on computer and paste, or make handmade-labels with paper and permanent markers. To save time, give this work to kids, they’d love doing it!
  • Be Insured- The biggest benefit of hiring professional movers is that you can get your precious items insured. Though it may cost a bit more, but in the long run you save money if anything gets damaged. However check your policies first as your items might already be insured by renters insurance.
  • Compare and decide- Before hiring any moving company, compare the prices of at least two to three companies in order to make an informed decision. However, don’t fall for a sub-standard company just because they are costing you lesser than others.
  • Tax- Research a little about tax deductible moving expenses and save on cross country-move. Make sure to keep all the documentation related to your move (including all the receipts) and consult a professional tax consultant whether your move is tax deductible or not.
  • Research- Research the mover before you decide to hire them. It should be a licensed company equipped with the proper insurance and resources to complete your move efficiently.
  • Time- Save time, save money. As mentioned above “Time is money, my friend!” Plan properly about everything before moving so that you move out efficiently without any confusion. Keep a record of everything so that you don’t end up buying same thing twice.

These are the 10 tips which will help you to cut down on moving costs effectively and move cheaply . Easy Moving!

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