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10 Supplies Needed While Packing

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Packing plays a vital role to keeping your belongings safe and secure, during a move. To keep your belongings safe, they should be packed properly, while using certain packing supplies. 10 most important packing materials that you need are:

1) Boxes – Boxes should be sturdy to withstand the rigors of transportation. Small, medium, large & x-large moving boxes, heavy duty boxes, wardrobe boxes and electronic boxes should be arranged for packing.
2.) Bubble Wrap – Bubble warp is used for packing fragile items as they provide cushioning to it. Bubble wrap is an excellent, cost effective packaging material.
3.) Unprinted Newspaper wrap – In addition to using bubble, newspaper wrap fills voids while keeping your hands and your items clean as opposed to printed newspaper! Cover up sculptures, show pieces and other fragile items in it.
4.) Sealing Tape – A good sealing tape is what you need to pack the boxes. Many substandard tapes are present out there in the market that do not stick nicely and end up getting torn in the middle of moving process which leads to loss.
5.) Marker – All the boxes should be marked or labeled according to the belongings it holds. Labels can be custom printed or printed on computers to suit your needs, i.e., ‘Fragile’ or ‘Kitchen’ or ‘This End Up’.
6.) Brown Paper or Plain Newsprint – To prevent having to wash items after you’ve moved, use plain newsprint or brown paper to wrap items. Never use newsprint to wrap items with sensitive surfaces, such as lamps shades.
7.) Box cutter – You would need an efficient and sharp box cutter when you start unpacking to cut and open difficult material.
8.) Mattress Covers – They are among those belongings of yours which may not be fragile but are prone to punctures and rips. Buy proper mattress covers to avoid any potential damage.
9.) Locks – For your non-box items such as briefcases, suitcases and duffel bags, etc. to avoid any theft.
These are the 9 most important packing supplies that you may require for your move.

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