Best ways to store your possessions while renovating your home

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Occasionally, everyone has to renovate their home. It also applies to you. That is usually an exciting time. People are starting the process with a vision of what to expect. However, there is an obvious problem. You will have to make space, so the renovation process can run smoothly. So, you will need to store your possessions while renovating your home. However, storing your possessions can show a bit tricky. You will need things out of the way. Still, you will need to use some of them daily. That is exactly the issue that only the best moving companies NYC can help you with. They can provide you with convenient moving solutions. They can also advise you on how to use vacant places within your home.

Practical solutions to store your possessions while renovating your home

In general, there are three practical solutions that you can apply. Which one will be more convenient for you will depend on several factors. Most important among them is the deadline for completing the work. Also, you will have to take into consideration the size of your home. And also the amount of the planned work.

man standing on the ladders trying to store your possessions while renovating your home.
Taking walls down can cause damage, so it is good to store your possessions while renovating your home.

Why it is good to remove things from the house during remodeling?

First, it will help workers to move freely. That will also make them work much faster. Namely, they will not need to lose time taking care to avoid damaging your furniture. Also, during certain works, like taking down walls or changing carpentry, your rooms will be full of dust. As well, during walls painting, your furniture can easily be sprinkled with the paint, regardless of protection. Such stains are not always easy to remove, without damaging the furniture surface.

Usually, people consider the following options to empty their homes for renovation:

  • Moving the belongings to storage
  • Placing the possessions into unused parts of the home
  • Keeping their things temporarily with neighbors or relatives

Regardless of the solution you choose, keep some essential things close by. You will need some extra clothes, medicines that you are using daily, basic toiletries, etc. For packing, you can use cardboard or plastic moving boxes. They will not take a lot of space. Additionally, you can place them in some secluded place. So, it will not prevent workers to move freely.


A man moving cardboard boxes on the terrace.
Some items you can keep with neighbors.

In the case of renting a storage unit, check the company thoroughly

In NYC you can find many storage facilities. However, it doesn’t mean that all of them will meet your requirements. Or, if you are not careful, you may entrust your possessions to fraudulent storage operators. So, before entering into a contract, it is advisable to check the renting companies. The best is to start from their website. Nowadays, any serious storage facility in NYC  will have a strong online presence. After checking the website, you should check reviews on various online platforms. And finally, you can choose two to three facilities. Set a meeting with management and visit the facilities personally.

Why it is good to see the storage facility personally?

That will give you the opportunity to see if the storage facility really exists. Also, you will be in a position to assess the storage conditions. The storage you want for your items should be:

  • Clean
  • Pests-free
  • Under 24/7 surveillance
  • Climate-controlled

Besides this, during the meeting, you will be able to check the managers’ behavior. If they are rude and not ready to explain storing conditions, consider that a red flag. However, polite managers will readily answer your questions. They will also explain to you the renting conditions. Once you reach the agreement, local movers Brooklyn will help you with transportation.

Store your possessions in unused parts of the home when renovating

In a case you are renovating just a part of your home, use the other parts of the home for storing. The best would be to pack your belongings into moving boxes. So, all of them will be neatly arranged. This can show very helpful in case you need to find something urgently. Also, it will be easier to put them back in the right places after renovation. Finally, don’t forget to label the moving boxes. That will make the unpacking process faster and easier.

When preparing your belongings for packing, use the opportunity to declutter. As in anyone’s else home, there will be some surplus things. Those you are either not using anymore, or they are broken. The well-preserved belongings you can sell or present to someone. The broken, stained, or torn possessions you should simply dispose of.

Storage interior.
You can move your possessions to the storage during a home renovation.

Keep the surplus possessions with neighbors or relatives during a home renovation

If you are on good terms with your neighbors, ask them for help. In this case, you can keep some belongings in several homes. That way, the neighbors’ homes will not get crowded with your belongings. Also, some of your relatives can take over several boxes.

In some cases, the total makeover of your home may last for a quite long period. So, in case you have relatives with a lot of unused space, ask them for help. For them, your belongings will not present a burden. However, if they live far away from you, transporting your things will be an additional cost. However, using affordable services of movers Bushwick will be very beneficial for your budget.

Construction and renovating home works are usually taking longer time than foreseen

When starting the renovation of your home, keep in mind that the work can be extended. This means that you will have to keep your belongings elsewhere for a longer period. So, make sure you have sufficient funds to cover storage costs. Also, make sure that your neighbors or relative don’t have some vacation arrangements.

Additional tips for storing your possessions while renovating your home

Well-organized storage during remodeling is very important. Regardless of where you are going to store your possessions while renovating your home, make a list. In case you are using a storage unit, make an inventory list of the moving boxes inside. That way, you will always know where to look for the specific items, should you need them. Also, when giving the moving boxes to neighbors and relatives, make the inventory. That will help you to know where to look for shoes, extra linen, or whatever else possessions you may need. Without such an arrangement, it will be hard to guess where to look for the things you need. Moreover, the inventory list will help you later on to collect all your possessions.


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