Best Queens moving destinations for dog owners

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Are you planning to move to Queens with your furry friend? Having a pet-friendly neighborhood brings additional benefits. Just like you need some attractions, your dog will surely love dog parks where he can play and meet some new friends. Many owners find it difficult to choose which neighborhood is the best one for a fresh start, but we’re here to help. Before you decide to contact moving companies New York, check out some of these Queens moving destinations for dog owners.

Queens moving destinations for dog owners

The first step in finding a great neighborhood is to follow your criteria. You should find the area that has a veterinarian ambulance close to your apartment, just in case. Then you need to think about other factors that are usually involved in your daily routine such as regular walks. Having a sidewalk in the near is a crucial factor. You have to make sure your dog has everything he might need, and even dough the moving process can be stressful, keep it at a minimum. However, if you are planning to relocate your home office at the same time, commercial movers Queens will help you with that. Now when you’re ready, let’s find a new home.

Playing in the dog park.
Having a dog park near your house is one of the best things in Queens.

Long Island City

This place is absolute heaven for pets and one of the best Queens moving destinations for dog owners. How can it not be with over ten dog parks and 200 veterinarians? One of the advantages of living in the neighborhood near the water is that it has a beautiful view for you, and in many parks, you can walk with your pet while watching the sun goes down. Many local bars and restaurants allow your four-legged pet to join you inside which is a great way to spend some time together. For more information contact Long Island City movers.

Kew Gardens

In the heart of the Kew Gardens lays the Forest Park, ideal for a walk with your pet. There are many trails where you can do an exercise or cycle while spending time with your dog. Still, people from moving and storage Queens say that one of the cons is that finding a fitting apartment could be tricky because this area has pretty high pet-friendly rentals.

Alley Park

This is the most dog-friendly area in Queens for sure. Astoria NY movers also recommend this area. There are various parks that allow your dogs to play and run all the time. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon enjoying nature or having a picnic with your family. Near this neighborhood, you can find spacious parks and many shops where you can go with your pet. At any time of day, you can see happy dogs ready to play. We’re sure your dog will love it because it’s one of the most popular Queens moving destinations for dog owners.

Playing puppies.
Meeting some new dog friends is what your pet needs.

Moving with a dog

If you already found one of the perfect Queens moving destinations for dog owners where you and your pet can be happy, the only thing that stays is packing. You can find reliable movers and packers in the Queens area and they’ll do the rest. Just make sure that everything is in its place so you can reach for some snacks and toys if your dog becomes nervous. When you finally get to the new address, start exploring the neighborhood together and let your dog sniff around and enjoy his new home.


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