Best places to move to in Queens in 2022

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Being the biggest neighborhood in NYC, Queens is also the most diverse. If you want to start your new life in Long Island City with its proximity to Manhattan, or boroughs like Middle Village, you don’t need to search anymore. Queens is the place to be. As with the majority of Big Apple, the last couple of years are the reason for the landholding revolution in Queens which caused a massive flood of new people and the job market to evolve. If you’re thinking of relocating to Queens, you should search for one of the best Long Island City movers. Here are the best places to move to in Queens in 2022.

Forest Hills – best places to move to in Queens in 2022

According to one of the best moving companies NYC has, Forest Hills is one of a kind borough with a mixture of peaceful residential way of life in combination with all the intricacies of Big Apple living. This particular attribute has made Forest Hill a guilty pleasure for all of those wishing to get away from the city life while remaining a stone’s throw away from downtown. Even though it has seen a surge in a plenitude of condominiums, Forest Hill remains a place to be for young professionals and new families.

A woman taking photo while standing on a bridge
Taking photos of one of the best places to move to in Queens is a great idea


What makes Astoria one of the hottest neighborhoods in Queens are good landholding deals in combination with its closeness to New York City downtown. Astoria remains a great melting pot for citizens who enjoy the borough’s suburban vibes as well as its place on the map that’s close to every location in the city. Being the Greek capital of the Big Apple, Astoria is a place with very various inhabitants, thus making it a retreat for gourmets relishing diverse racial eateries. Other popular locations include various parks and museums. If you’re looking for residential movers NYC to help you relocate to Astoria, you should search for a reputable moving company well in advance.

Kew Gardens

Real heaven for commuters, Kew Gardens borders Forest Hill and mirrors it with its peaceful vibes. Kew Gardens is a top place to be for those who love spending time outdoors due to the plenitude of urban green space with the well-known Forest Park being close to the borough. When taking into account landholding prices, Kew Gardens is a lot more affordable than other areas in East River borough. The borough is prominent for its Tudor houses and British buildings. Although a lot more peaceful than other areas of East River borough, Kew Gardens possesses a lively eatery scene with a plethora of places to seize a drink or stop to dine.

Flushing Queens

With its origin in the mid-17th century, Flushing is one of the longest-standing boroughs. Today, it bears the role of being a cultural hub for Chinese and migrant groups. In addition to that, a large part of the inhabitants has their roots overseas. As you might guess, this quality has made Flushing real heaven for gourmets. As far as the landholding prices go, in Flushing, they pale when compared to different boroughs. On the downside, it can take almost an hour train ride to reach downtown NYC. If you’re thinking about moving to Flushing Queens, you’d might wanna consult movers Queens for a quote.

The downtown of a busy city
Learning the main streets of your new neighborhood is worthwhile


First and foremost a household place in East River borough, it’s only a subway ride from downtown NYC. What separates Sunnyside from other neighborhoods is its place, absence of public misdemeanor, and rational landholding prices. Sunnyside characterizes a tranquil residential vibe, a reason it has become a well-known borough for those looking to start their family life. With such pleasant vibes it’s no wonder Sunnyside has such a flourishing food and bar scene. An additional plus is landholding cost being a lot more reasonable than in Astoria. The downside is below par nightlife but it’s not much of an issue given Sunnyside’s proximity to NYC. If you’re interested in relocating to Sunnyside or a different borough, you can always check this NYC map regarding average rent prices by neighborhood. Now that we’ve shown you the best places to move to in Queens in 2022, feel free to start moving!


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