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    So, you’ve decided to move to one of the NYC hidden gems, the Bronx. We at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC want to present to you the best parts of Bronx to work in. Did you know that 20 % of the NYC population lives in the Bronx? Today we’ll cover some of the parts of the Bronx that may offer you a good job. Truth to be told, finding a job is harder since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses have shut down, but don’t worry we think that the business world is just reshaping. So, let’s begin!

    The part of the Bronx to work in if you are in the medical field

    If you want to be a doctor, or you want to pursue a career in the medical industry you should consider Morris Park. It’s close to Jacobi Medical Center, Calvary Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the New York City Children’s Center Bronx Campus. That’s why Morris Park is a wonderful place for people studying medicine or working in the health care business. If this is a place for you and you plan to move, consider commercial movers Bronx to help you with your relocation.

    We chose this place because it’s the friendliest neighborhood in the East Bronx. Getting from the Bronx to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens won’t be a problem. If you’re with family you can visit the Bronx Zoo. The food here is great and you can find different cuisines. Every October there is an annual Bronx Columbus Day Parade and you could be a part of it too.

    Three doctors looking at X-Ray results.
    Morris Park is the part of the Bronx where most medical facilities are located.

    One of the best place for wholesale and non-profit – Hunts Point Cooperative Market

    Hunts Point, in South Bronx, is the home to the 2 billion dollar business. Here you can find jobs in wholesales, transportation, and warehousing. The Hunts Point Cooperative Market is a 24-hour wholesale food market located in the Bronx’s Hunts Point neighborhood. It is the world’s largest food distribution hub. The Hunts Point Cooperative Market is the source of around half of the beef in the New York region. Food is supplied to approximately 22 million people in the New York metropolitan region by more than 50 wholesale food companies. According to the NY department of labor since 2007 transportation sector increased by 46%, warehousing by 67%, and wholesale by 19%.

    Nonprofits to work in the Bronx

    Hunts point is also a place where you can find different non-profit organizations. Since there are so many of them, we’ll just make a short list of the most famous ones. They helped Hunts Point and the overall Bronx to develop into a decent part of the city. Nonprofits also opened doors to different jobs, so people across the whole of New York City could come and work here. Now here is the list of some of the most famous non-profits:

    • Hunts Point Economic Development Corporation
    • Sustainable South Bronx (SSB).
    • The Hunts Point Alliance for Children’s
    • The POINT Community Development Corporation
    • Legal Aid Society’s Bronx Neighborhood Office
    Team rescuing a dolphin.
    One of the best parts of Bronx to work in a nonprofit organization would be Hunts Point since it’s home to many of them.

    Best places to work in Eastchester

    If you’ve decided to move to Eastchester you can find a variety of different jobs. Here you’ll find some of the most famous grocery store chains like The Fresh Meat, Trader Joe’s, and Stop & Shop, just to name a few. Eastchester has lots of different restaurants Eastchester Fish Gourmet is famous for its seafood or Burrata Wood Fired Pizza. However, if you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry there are a lot of drugstores around Eastchester. Likewise, if you have a toothache there is the famous Gigante as the customers described it “Manhattan vibe in Eastchester”. If you are a bookworm you’ll probably like Barnes & Noble. Finally, before the move consider the best movers Eastchester NY has to offer. Also, we’ve almost forgotten! If you are a fan of golf there is Leewood Golf Club and across the street is the Lake Isle Country Club.

    The best jobs you can find in Riverdale

    Before you move to Riverdale consider hiring the best movers Riverdale NY has. Life is nice here and the job market is good since it increased by the third in the last decade. Therefore you can expect a lot of job opportunities. For example, you can work as an Industrial Security Specialist or Program Analyst. On the other hand, if you’re looking for jobs in the private sector there is a range of different positions from sales assistants to warehouse order selectors.  Besides being one of the best parts of Bronx to work in, did you know that Riverdale’s employment growth rate increased by a third in the last decade?

    Person pointing to a graph on a paper and thinking of the best parts of Bronx to work in
    Riverdale as well as other parts of the Bronx has decreased unemployment rate.

    Let’s see which part of the Bronx is the best to work in

    Before moving, consider contacting local movers Bronx, to hear what they have to say. Local moving companies can be of good help since they know the neighborhoods better than anyone. Also, don’t forget to ask for a quote. Regarding the position that you are looking for, they all are good in their way. If you’re looking for a medical career, we would recommend Morris Park. On the other hand, if you prefer to work in a non-profit organization or a wholesale industry then Hunts Point is what you’re looking for. Likewise, Eastchester and Riverdale have similar options but have their differences. So it’s up to you to decide which is the best option. We’ve presented only the best parts of Bronx to work in. Since it’s too big we can’t put it in one article. We hope that we’ve helped you!


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