Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents

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    A lot of young people are moving to Brooklyn, looking for great nightlife, clubs, parties, and activities. But no one actually thinks that Brooklyn is also a great place for single parents. There are some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents that will blow you away. With so many friendly people and a great sense of community, Brooklyn has become the number one choice of single parents. Those who decide to move to the Brooklyn area should hire one of the movers New York has. They are professionals, with a great experience. Also, they will make your relocation as a single parent easy and smooth.

    How can moving to Brooklyn benefit you?

    There are some things that you should pay attention to when moving as a single parent:

    • How safe is Brooklyn? This is important because you will not be able to spend as much tie as you like with your kid being a single parent. That is why you must trust your community. The crime rate in Brooklyn is low and you can be sure that your kid will be safe here while you are stuck at work.
    • Do a little research about Brooklyn. Here you can find tons of activities and attractions you can visit. Your kid will have so much fun in some of the best after-school activities. Research the neighborhoods in Brooklyn and see how they commute between.
    • Are the schools good? Moving with a kid means that you are looking for the best schools you can find. Brooklyn has both public and private schools that your kid will enjoy.

    If all of these suit you, there are no reasons to hesitate any longer. Hire some of the best local movers Brooklyn has and set your moving date.

    mother talking to her kids
    Carefully choose the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents

    List of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents

    As we said before, Brooklyn has some of the best neighborhoods for single parents. the first one worth mentioning is Park Slope. This is maybe the world-famous family destination. There are plenty of single parents who are just in much trouble as you are. Being at work to provide your kid with everything leaves you less time to spend with the kid. But being a kid-friendly place, Park Slope has a lot of playgrounds and family-oriented block parties. The festivals like Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day are maybe the best ones in NYC.

    When it comes to schools, you can see that they are highly rated for students’ performance. If you are more interested in your kid going to private schools, there are several great ones in the area.

    Costs of living are average and you can rent a home for $3600 per month. And everyone living here will say that it is worth it. That is maybe the sign for you to call and hire movers Bushwick has and start preparing for the relocation.

    The next one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents is Brooklyn Heights

    This is maybe the most adorable neighborhood in Brooklyn. There are lots of historical buildings, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and apparently very popular districts for young families. Moving here with kids will give you a sense of security. It is also best known as a slow area because there are many speed bumps that will make drivers drive with a lot of attention. Having a kid who likes to spend time outside, these streets are the safest ones.

    Residents who live here take care of their neighborhood. For example, the local library is being renovated at the moment. When it is finished, it will be the biggest and most modern library in this part of NYC.

    If you move here with some of the best movers Brooklyn can offer, your kid will get a chance to go into some of the elite private schools. But, if you are a fan of public schools, you will be able to find several of them in Brooklyn Heights. When it comes to home prices, you can find one with an average cost of $3700.

    kid playing
    Find the place where your kid will be happy

    Windsor Terrace

    Residents of Windsor Terrace love to call their place a sleepy one. So if you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet place, you have to move here. The prices are a little lower than in Park Slope. If that was your reason to skip Park Slope, you should consider moving here. There are a lot of trails that will be perfect for learning your kid how to ride a bicycle. The best part is that you can easily commute to other neighborhoods and spend some weekends there.

    Schools are in District 15, and they have a great sense of community and diversity. If you want your kid to learn how to respect different cultures, this is a place for you. However, it might be hard to find a rental here. Most residents are owners. If not, there are houses that are for rent instead of apartments. But this does not have to be a bad side of this place at all. Imagine that you have a nice backyard, where your kid can play while you work. The kid does not have to leave the home to play, and you will gain a sense of security, knowing your kid is at home. If you find one, remember that the average cost is around $2700. Which is significantly lower than in the other two neighborhoods that we have listed.

    The last one on the list of best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents is Ditmas Park

    If you have not heard about this neighborhood, the reason for this is that people also call it Flatbush. Here you can find tree-lined streets. But the best part of this neighborhood is that everyone who is looking for a home with a yard and personal garden may find it here. Ditmas Park neighborhood is growing rapidly. Just in the last few years, there are more residents than in the last decade. There are new shops, restaurants, and some of the nicest farmer’s markets. That is why if you are a single parent who is in catering, you will have no problem finding here some of the best job opportunities when it comes to your field.

    kids playing in best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents
    Provide your kids with the best childhood

    Do not be afraid to search for a perfect home as a single parent. Even though you are alone with your kids, it does not mean that you must stop living the best days of your life. By choosing one of these neighborhoods in Brooklyn for single parents, you will be able to do a lot. Provide your kids with some of the best chances to grow up in a family-oriented community.


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