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    Over 160,000 people move to NYC every year. Most of them are choosing the cheaper boroughs to settle in. Usually, they avoid Manhattan because it’s a very expensive neighborhood. For some people it truly is. Especially for those coming to study. Or for the young entrepreneurs coming up with ideas for start-ups. However, there are many benefits of moving to Manhattan. In case you can afford rent, you will simply love it. And moving in with the help of Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC will be easy. Working for so long time in NYC, they know the best routes to bring you to your new home.

    One of the benefits of moving to Manhattan – Career opportunities

    Moving to Manhattan has always been appealing to people striving for career advancement. Many of them are coming looking for jobs on Wall Street, the NY Stock Exchange. Being the financial heart of the American business world, it is very attractive to young and ambitious people. Besides, Manhattan is the fashion capital of the USA. 

    Also, it is an excellent place for start-ups. Opening a business there, you will be surrounded by investors. So, you will have opportunities to develop your business faster. We all know that connections are important in the business world. And Manhattan is the right place to meet the right people.

    A businesswoman talking on the phone about benefits of moving to Manhattan.
    Many Manhattan residents like to live within walking distance of their office.

    Manhattan offers a variety of business opportunities

     In case you are looking for attractive employment, you will find a wide variety of career opportunities in Manhattan. And you can be sure that almost all industries are having the main or branch offices there. Manhattan is home to some of the biggest companies:

    • The New York Times
    • Amazon
    • American Express
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Scholastic
    • Barclays
    • Chase
    • HBO
    • Disney

    These are just some of the world-famous companies that have offices in Manhattan.

    However, in case you prefer working in smaller companies, you are at the right place. Truly, there is a dream job for everyone in Manhattan. Finding one for yourself, you might also want to move closer. Nothing surprising. Many Manhattan residents like to live within walking distance of their office. In such a case, the excellent services of movers Upper East Side are the right solution for you.

    Subway station with passengers on platform.
    There are 121 subway stations in Manhattan

    Manhattan transportation system

    Not only Manhattan, but all of NYC has one of the oldest transportation systems in the world – the famous NYC subway. And, in Manhattan only, there are 121 subway stations. So, reaching any other part of the City is easy. Millions of people use the subway daily to move across the four NYC boroughs. Only to reach Staten Island, you will have to use the commuter ferry service.

    Besides the subway connections, there are also other transportation means. There are three main bus stations in Manhattan. So, you can use the bus to move to another part of the City, or to another town. Also, there are several train stations in Manhattan. They are a good solution in case you need to go to JFK or LaGuardia airports.

    Manhattan is home to world-known museums

    Every bigger city probably has an interesting museum. However, Manhattan is home to 32 famous museums. So, it is usually described as a cultural center of the world. Manhattan is also home to the five largest museums in the world. Among them is the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. The other famous institutions are the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. So, this is also one of the benefits of moving to Manhattan. Once you settle down, you can visit them as many times as you like.

    The other Manhattan cultural institutions

    Besides museums, once the movers Harlem NYC move you to Manhattan, you will enjoy visiting many other cultural institutions. Some of them are Carnegie Hall, New York City Ballet, the New York Public Library, and Lincoln Center.

    Besides those, you would probably like to see the old Nabisco factory and Chelsea Market. You may also be interested in seeing the birthplace of Teddy Roosevelt. Or to visit Manhattan’s oldest curiosity – a saloon that is still working.

    Central Park with people walking over the bridge and boating on the lake.
    There are many ways to enjoy Central Park after moving to Manhattan.

    Enjoying Central Park is another benefit of living in Manhattan

    This is one of the most filmed locations in NYC. It is also one of the most visited places in Manhattan. Annually, Central Park is attracting over 42 million visitors. Besides, it is one of the favorite places for Manhattan nature lovers. There are several places that you might enjoy in this huge park:

    • The Ramble – in this heavily forested hilly area. There, you will find many walking tracks. So, you can enjoy just walking around. Or, you may go there for your daily jogging exercises. When going there, keep in mind that this is a protected nature preserve.
    • The Lake – this is a 20-acre lake that many like to visit and walk around. If you like, you can also rent a boat and spend some time on the water. From there, you will have an excellent view of the surrounding architecture.
    • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir – also known as the Central Park Reservoir. Originally, it was created as a water source for Manhattan. In 1993 it was decommissioned. After that, it was turned into a tourist attraction. Also, the residents like to spend time around it. Often, people can see wild animals coming to the lake to drink water. Which looks so unreal in the middle of so a big city.

    In the Park, you will see many other attractions. So, you might like to see them in your free time. Such are Wollman Rink, Central Park Carousel, and Central Park Zoo. Also, in the summertime, you may attend free live musical performances and other events at the Delacorte Theater. So, after Long Island City movers relocate you to Manhattan, you will not have time to be bored.

    Moving to Manhattan

    For people all over the world, Manhattan is an attractive destination. And many, when talking about NYC, often envision the borough of Manhattan. A lot of people, at some point, think about moving to this intriguing place. Many of them, unfortunately, are never succeeding. However, those who are lucky will have a chance to enjoy the benefits of moving to Manhattan. If you are one of them, you are lucky. Living in Manhattan is full of challenges. On the other hand, it is also full of opportunities.


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