All-Season Moving Tips to Keep You and Your Belongings Safe

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When you start to consider all the factors and variables that come with moving, the list of things you need to worry about starts to grow. Did you pack everything correctly? Is everything organized? Are your fragile and oversized items taken care of? These are all important questions to ask, and the sooner you consider them, the sooner you can address them.

But there’s one thing that many people consistently forget about as they prepare for the move: the weather. Nothing will cause you headaches quite like waking up to a torrential storm or a blizzard on moving day. Strong gusts can blow boxes over. Intense heat can put your health at risk. There are just so many factors to consider.

Make sure you’re considering weather as a factor for your upcoming move. Here’s what you need to consider weather-wise for each season of the year.


  • Intense heat is the number one thing you need to worry about during your move. Make sure everyone is wearing appropriate clothing and sun protection. This includes sunblock, gaiters, headwear and sunglasses. Stay hydrated and keep water on-hand at all times throughout the day. If you can, rest routinely in the shade.
  • Humidity is another problem to consider on moving day. Humidity can make palms sweaty and affect your grip on everything from cardboard boxes to plastic-wrapped furniture. Wear moving gloves on humid days and take the time to test items before you lift them, to make sure cardboard and tape are holding strong.
  • Summer storms are definitely something to worry about! It doesn’t take long for a storm front to roll in, bringing high winds, downpours and lightning with it. Keep your eye on weather forecasts and plan accordingly. If there is a storm on the horizon, make sure you have ponchos, umbrellas and plastic coverings handy. Consult with your movers about the best way to get items in and out of your old place and your new home.


  • Fall is the gustiest of all months, which means you’ll be dealing with high winds as you try to get your items loaded and unloaded. Do your best to work with the wind, instead of against it. Park trucks to block the wind. Don’t stack boxes and carry them, to prevent them from blowing over. Be aware of the wind’s force!
  • Fall is also the time when you might run into a cold snap. If your move is scheduled early in the morning, get up and make sure frost won’t be an issue. Lingering moisture can easily become a slip hazard, so clear away what you can and lay down non-slip surfaces if needed.
  • The occasional fall shower is also something to be aware of. These showers are generally cold, which can make them even more problematic. These showers are detrimental to cardboard boxes and unprotected items. If you’re anticipating a fall shower, take extra precautions to protect your belongings from even delicate sprinkles.


  • Winter is the season for the nastiest problems when it comes to moving. The biggest problem is ice. Thick, thin or black ice, it doesn’t matter: it’s a hazard that can quickly cause injury or damage to your belongings. Salt heavily and do whatever you can to break up any ice between your abode and the moving truck.
  • Snow is another wintertime issue that’ll cause all sorts of problems. A light dusting of snow can hide problematic ice and even cause its own slip hazard. Heavy snow can block entryways and loading paths. And, if it’s actively snowing, the entire process will just take longer.
  • Cold temperatures are another problem to contend with during the winter season. The cold makes already-fragile items even more brittle and prone to damage. It’s also unpleasant to drop something on your foot or bump yourself when the temperatures are freezing! Make sure you bundle up and take extra special precautions with fragile items.


  • Spring showers are the biggest thing to contend with during the season of rebirth. Rain with cripple cardboard boxes if they’re exposed long enough, and can cause damage to everything from furniture to mattresses. Have plenty of rain covers handy if you’re moving during the spring—those storms can creep up out of nowhere!
  • Spring is a busy season for moving, which can put you at the mercy of convoluted schedules and higher rates when hiring professional movers. Schedule as far in advance as you can to secure the moving date you want and to save as much money as you can.
  • The other seasonal hazard to be mindful of in spring are the many services apartment facilities and dorms may schedule that prevent you from moving in when you want to. For example, some pest control services black out a space for 24 hours, while other facility upkeep services may delay your move-in. Check to confirm that the time and date you schedule for a move won’t be impacted by these services.

Every season comes with its own challenges

Every season comes with its own challenges—namely weather. Keep your eyes on the forecast and take the proper steps to plan ahead to avoid the obstacles and challenges that come with seasonal moves. With proper preparation, not even weather can keep your move from going smoothly. Work with professional movers and do everything you can to take weather out of the equation.

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