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Legal Information

Legal Information

This section of our website provides important information about liability protection, insurance options, claims and arbitration. It also includes a request form you can send us if your building requires a Certificate of Insurance.

Moving liability / Valuation

Under Federal law, interstate movers must offer two different liability options referred to as valuation coverage: Full-Value Protection (FVP) and Released-Value (RV). These are contractual tariff levels of liability authorized by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Please check your estimate for more information, see more information at the “Literature” page, and/or ask your representative for details.

Third-party Insurance

In addition to these options, you can purchase separate liability insurance from a third-party insurance company that covers your belongings beyond the RV limit of 60 cents per pound, per article. If loss or damage occurs, Ben Hur would pay an amount not exceeding 60 cents per pound per article. You would be able to recover additional monies from your insurance company up to the amount of insurance you purchased. Ben Hur works with 2 insurance companies.

Baker’s Moving Insurance – learn more by visiting their website at,; Phone – 800-356-0093.
Moving Insurance could be reached at –, Phone: 888-893-8835; Email:
Move Insure could be reached at
Phone: 800-411-0913; Email:
You may also inquire with your homeowners or renters insurance about insurance for your goods while in–transit.

Filing a claim

If you need to file a claim, please don’t wait. Although you have nine months from the day of delivery to file a claim, the earlier we receive your request, the sooner we can review and resolve it. Your best proof of a claim is to make a notation on the bill of lading, inventory or delivery receipt at the time of delivery. However, you can still file a claim later if you notice something wrong after the delivery. Ben Hur is committed to resolving claims within 60 days after we receive them.

Arbitrating Disputes

Ben Hur is enrolled in the Arbitration Program of the American Moving and Storage Association. You can learn more about the program at To keep the arbitration process fair and neutral, the program is administered by the National Arbitration Forum, an independent, non-governmental organization.

A form can be obtained at the time of your move or also at the American moving and Storage Association website – – or by phone 703-683-7410. The form should be submitted to American moving and Storage Association, Attention: Dispute Settlement Program, 1611 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-3482 or can be faxed to them at 703-683-7524.

Certificate of insurance

If the building you’re moving to and/or from requires a Certificate of Insurance, please send us a request. We’ll process it within one to two business days.