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6. Keep your moving boxes and other items you are moving together

By keeping things together you are moving, then, no matter who is packing, you or the Ben Hur movers can easily pack up all your items into the correct moving boxes. Keeping like items together will also help when unboxing at your final destination, keep books together with bookends, and extension cords with appliances they plug into. Use moving tape and plastic Baggies or envelopes to keep all those small, loose parts or screws. Remember, you have to unpack and reassemble all these items wherever you move to, so keep picture hooks with pictures, shelves and shelf brackets together with the bookcase they came from, include any special tools and bolts and wall unit bolts. Keep larger items and pieces along with any screws together with corresponding items (such as a cable TV cord) in a sealable plastic bag, and tape these with movers tape to the underside or back of the item.