6 benefits of moving to Astoria in 2022

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Astoria is known as one of the best Queens neighborhoods. It is a diverse community, very popular among middle-class citizens. Unlike the neighboring areas, Astoria was not a subject for speedy modernization. On the contrary, it kept its family-friendly atmosphere. So, walking around, you will see many taverns and small, family-operated shops. And for sure, like many others, you will feel secure in this place. Also, in Astoria, you will find many parks. So, you will not miss the outdoor activities. And, the area is full of museums and galleries. The diverse selection of food will not leave you indifferent. All things considered, you can expect 6 benefits of moving to Astoria in 2022. So, in case you are moving to Astoria, rely on Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC. Be assured that they will provide you with valuable assistance.

What to expect when moving to Astoria in 2022?

Astoria is one of the popular NYC neighborhoods. One of the main factors for that is housing affordability. In Astoria, you can get a really spacious home at a reasonable price. So, no wonder that demand for apartments is lately so high. Regardless if you are renting or buying, we are sure that you will be highly satisfied with your new neighborhood. 

Besides that, Astoria is conveniently located close to Midtown Manhattan, and Times Square. It will take you just 15 to 20 minutes to reach them using the subway. Also, to reach Harlem, and the Bronx, it is enough to cross the Triborough Bridge. After moving in, you will notice a lot of young professionals around. Well, most of them are at the beginning of their careers. And, they need affordable apartments.


A row of brick family houses - one of 6 benefits of moving to Astoria in 2022.
A row of nice family hoses in Astoria.

Astoria is known as one of the biggest Greek communities outside of Greece

Astoria has about 118,000 residents. At the turn of the 20th century, NYC was the first stop for many immigrants from Europe. During those periods, people from one country usually tried to live together, in one territory. That is the way how Astoria become one of the biggest Greek communities. So, after moving to Astoria, you will not only hear the language all around. You will be able to enjoy the famous Greek specialties. The neighborhood was later named by a millionaire merchant after he invested $500 in the area. However, J.J. Astor has never paid a visit to it.

Nowadays, Astoria is known for its art institutions. Also, one of its borders is running alongside the East River. So, the residents love to come there. During the day or evening walk, they can enjoy an attractive view of Manhattan’s skyline. Generally, Astoria is a mixture of old and new architectural styles. And, it is a quiet and relaxing residential area. An ideal place to rest after a hard-working day.

Benefits of moving to Astoria

So, for various people, benefits can be different. However, most of the people hiring the help of Astoria NY movers  are moving to Astoria due to one of those reasons:

  • Reasonable housing prices
  • Transportation
  • Good public schools
  • General safety
  • Lifestyle
  • Outdoor amenities

Astoria’s reasonable housing prices can come as a huge benefit

The majority of residents in Astoria are low-rise, multi-family houses. If you intend to move to Astoria, it is good to know what prices to expect:

  • studio – $1,985
  • 1-bedroom apartment – $2,262
  • 2-bedroom apartment – $2,403
  • 3-bedroom apartment – $2,954

Besides, the average household income in Astoria is $81,462. So, you can rent a really spacious apartment for very reasonable prices. This is also a reason why families with children are moving in. As well, in case you decide to buy your oven property, it will cost you, on average, $782,700. There is one more thing that you should know about Astoria housing. 80.2% of residents are renting. So, only 19.8% of homes are occupied by owners.


Cozy couch with an armchair in the creative living room near the stairway in a modern apartment.
Renting in Astoria, you will benefit by getting big places at affordable prices.


Astoria is very popular among ex-Manhattans. They usually decide to move to Astoria and get the spacious apartments. However, at the same time, they are still close to their offices. They can easily reach them using a bus. Some use their bikes. All they need to reach the city is a short ride over the Queensboro Bridge. Also, it is very easy to get to LaGuardia airport. You will need just a few minutes to drive by car from anywhere in Astoria.

For commuting from Astoria you can use Bus – Q19, M60-SBS. Or some of the subways could be a better solution for you:

  • E – IND Eighth Avenue Line
  • M – IND Sixth Avenue Line
  • N, R, W – BMT Broadway Line

And for moving to Astoria, the best option is to use the services of Long Island City movers.

Good public schools

In case you are moving to Astoria to get a bigger space for the family, it is good to check the schools for your kids. Public schools in Astoria have a good rating. So, besides getting more space for themselves, your kids will also get a good education. 

General safety

Astoria is one of the safer neighborhoods. And that is thanks to the family-friendly surroundings. And thanks to the strong ties between the families. As well as between neighbors. So, moving to Astoria will be beneficial for the whole family.


If you have moved from Manhattan, you will soon lose that constant urge for rushing. The laid-back atmosphere will eventually help you to become calmer. So, you will soon start to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of Astoria. And you will realize that losing the constant stress that you were living in, is yet another benefit of moving.


Astoria Part by night.
After moving, you can spend your free time in Astoria Park.

Outdoor amenities

There are several things that Astoria residents are truly enjoying. Among them are:

  • spending free time in Astoria Park
  • spending hot summer days at the Astoria Pool, a city pool located in the park, and with free entrance to all
  • enjoying delicious Greek food
  • visiting Bohemian Beer Garden
  • visiting museums and galleries

Easy access to the storage is yet another among the benefits of moving to Astoria

When you are moving, it can happen that some of your furniture will not match in your new apartment. But, you still want to preserve them. In that case, you can check with moving and storage Queens about storing them. Also, they will help you to move, and properly sort your boxes inside the storage.

Benefits of living in Astoria

So, discovering so many things about your new neighborhood can leave you dizzy. But you will also realize how fortunate you were. Maybe you had doubts about moving? Or, you were not expecting the benefits of moving to Astoria? Whatever the case, you are now living in this wonderful place. This short introduction will help you with general orientation. However, with time, you will discover many more amenities, exhibitions, and events. And by reading The Ride, you will always be well informed.


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