5 Rules for Downsizing When Moving

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When the time comes to move again, you will soon realize that you have more items than you can handle. Also, that is the time when you realize that it’s obligatory to downsize and give away some of your items. Because the chances are small that you’ll be able to fit all your items into your new place. Therefore, you are in the right place as we’ve prepared quite simple rules for downsizing when moving. Stay tuned, pay attention and you’ll be ready for this project without stress and problems.

When is the right time to start downsizing when moving?

As we already mentioned, you will probably be forced to leave some of the stuff behind you. However, if you cannot give up on some items, you can always use services from the storage facility NYC. There, you can leave your precious belongings and be sure that they’ll remain safe. Yet, when moving house, it’s the best time to declutter and downsize. The reason is that you’ll shuffle through every piece you own. Hence, this is the perfect timing to start downsizing when moving. So, start the process of downsizing as soon as you find out you’re moving. But you should have a system that’ll help you with downsizing when moving. So, here are some of the areas of your home you must cover.

  • Every room inside your home, especially a storage room
  • The kitchen and the bathroom
  • Your shed and the backyard
  • Basement, garage, and loft.
Papers and garbage on the kitchen counter
One of the places to start downsizing when moving is the kitchen.

How to start downsizing when moving?

One of the best ways to start downsizing when moving is to start with the kitchen. The reason is that it’s usually the place with the largest amount of unnecessary items. So, there’s no doubt you’ll find a lot of broken or dented pieces of ceramics there. Also, this rule applies to your garage and the loft as well. Usually, these rooms are cluttered with all kinds of various and long-forgotten items. However, for those items that are worth moving to your new home, make sure to hire only the best moving and storage Manhattan.

Downsizing when moving will reduce your moving cost

Another important aspect of downsizing when relocating is the reduction of your moving cost. So, downsizing and decluttering have many benefits. One of them is that you’ll free yourself from garbage you accumulated over the years. On the other hand, some items have emotional value to you. So, you don’t want to get rid of them. However, in most cases, you’ll end up with piles of unused, broken, and not-needed items. Hence, it is the perfect time to get rid of it. And there is such a good practical reason behind it. Not only you’ll have much more space in your new home, but your relocation will be much cheaper and easier to handle. Also, you’ll feel much better once you realize you’re finally free from clutter. So, one of the rules for downsizing when moving is to put your feelings aside and think practically and logically.

Man checking boxes on a shelf
Make sure to get rid of all the items that are unnecessary and not needed.

Think about saving some of the old items instead of downsizing

Sure, you cannot downsize and declutter all the old items you have in your possession. As we previously mentioned, some of them have great sentimental value to you. And that is quite alright to have a few pieces you find worth saving. For instance, it can be an antique piece of furniture. Or some pieces of your grandmother’s china. However, don’t overdo it, but pay attention to the number of items you plan on relocating. Because your moving quote will depend on the number of stuff that needs to be moved. Therefore, be strict about the items you plan on keeping. You have to think clearly while downsizing when moving. Also, if you think some of the items hold a significant value, take it to the art dealer to ask for an opinion. Or you can always sell them online and earn some money while you’re downsizing and moving.

Ask professionals for help with downsizing

After you’ve decided that it’s time to move and declutter beforehand, there’s another important task. You should always opt for the best movers NYC. Not only they will know how to handle your relocation, but they’ll have advice on downsizing as well. Hence, remember to go with the best and create the best possible plan for downsizing when moving. But along the road, try to keep it simple when downsizing because that’s the only way to do it right.

How to get rid of the clutter?

After you’ve made the decision about the unnecessary items, it is time to get rid of them adequately. So, you have several great options to choose from when downsizing. First, you can donate to charities or a local church. That is such a noble way to go if downsizing when moving. Also, you can try to sell some of your stuff online or organize a garage sale. And lastly, you can always give them to your friends, relatives, or neighbors. However, if you don’t want to go with these solutions, you can recycle or throw them away. You just have to call one of the pick-up agencies and they’ll take care of everything.

A pile of comics
Finally, you can downsize your items by selling them on a yard sale or online.

Replacing items is another way to go when moving

Another great way to downsize when moving is to replace the items inside your home. Surely some of your regularly used furniture needs a replacement. Or maybe you have an appliance that can be replaced as well. So, you can replace your wardrobe, couch, and other household items. We advise you to gather all your old fridges, dishwashers, furniture, and more and take it for recycling. Also, you’ll get a coupon for a brand new piece of your choosing. Hence, there is another convenient way to downsize when moving.

So, after reading our tips for downsizing when moving, you are now ready for the big step called relocation. We wish you all the luck and successful downsizing and relocating to your new home.


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