5 reasons to move to SoHo

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You’re unsure if moving to SoHo is for you? It’s a good thing you’re here, we’ll hopefully convince you that SoHo is one of the best places on earth. After all, relocating is a big decision and we want you to make the right one for yourself. There are many reasons to move to SoHo, and there are also many movers and packers NYC that can assist you.

So, why should you move to Soho? Here is our list of 5 reasons to move to SoHo.

You won't need any more reasons to move to SoHo if you want to live in a cultural centre of the world
SoHo is short for South of Houston street.

Our 5 reasons to move to SoHo

Before we get into the particularities and idiosyncrasies of SoHo, we should talk about the overall vibe in this NYC neighborhood. That will, hopefully, help you make your decision on whether to move to SoHo or not.

Believe it or not, in the 1950s, SoHo used to be an industrial part of town, a powerhouse at that. That is much different than the current whirlpool of creativity and art that occupies this neighborhood. Filled with artists and fashion gurus of all kinds, SoHo is one of the capitals of culture. That gives SoHo a very artsy feel, as well as a rich and vibrant environment, and a great nightlife.

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SoHo is where everything happens

While this may sound like an over-exaggeration, it really isn’t far from the truth. Moving to SoHo means that you’ll be at the heart of NYC. All of the goings-on in the city happen here, which means you will always have something to do and experience. If this isn’t one of the best reasons to move to SoHo, we don’t know what is.

Since SoHo is an extremely important part of New York’s cultural affairs, that means that you won’t miss a thing, if you decide to move here. Not only that, but you will be extremely well-connected to NYC in general, considering that everything is a short ride or walk away.

A waterside view of a bridge in New York.
One of the reasons to move to SoHo is how well it’s connected to the rest of the city.

There’s no place in the world better for shopping

You can’t have a list of reasons to move to Soho without mentioning shopping. The town is simply so well-known for that.

While its artsy, bohemian vibe is the main attraction, the shopping is another aspect of SoHo that puts it on the map. It’s also home to Broadway street, which is the world’s center of high-fashion shopping and theater. Everyone knows that if you can’t find what you want in SoHo, it’s not worth having!

All of the top names in the fashion industry have stores open in SoHo and Broadway. World-famous names like Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Club Monaco, Bebe, and many many others who are staples of the industry.

One of the many reasons to move to SoHo is Low Crime Rates & Safety

SoHo is a really safe part of town. The crime rates are lower than all of the surrounding neighborhoods. Both petty and violent crime is lower in SoHo across the board, so you’ll be very safe if you decide to relocate here. Safety is always important, and one of the main reasons to move to SoHo. So, if you have a family, SoHo is a great place for them.

Robust Education System

Usually, people go for moving and storage Manhattan, when they want to relocate to NYC. However, SoHo is also an amazing choice for education. While none are technically in the district, many amazing NYC public schools are very close to SoHo. There will never be a lack of options for your kids and you’ll be able to find the right school for them.

There are some top-notch universities in SoHo as well. If you’re a student, there are plenty of amazing prospects in this part of the city.

A high-end life

While life in SoHo is high-end, it does come with a steep price tag. It is no wonder, considering this is the heart of NYC. That means that money can disappear very quickly if you aren’t mindful. So, have a good financial plan laid out before you decide to relocate to SoHo.

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Hustle & bustle

One of the main aesthetic points of SoHo is the amazing old-school architecture. The narrow walkways and iron-clad facades give it an irresistible charm that everybody adores. However, while aesthetics are truly masterpieces of architecture, they do have their downsides.

Space comes at a premium in Soho. That applies to the crowd-filled streets, as well as parking and living quarters. Furthermore, most of the buildings are usually luxury walk-ups or co-ops. You might notice that the apartments are smaller than what you’re used to, depending on where you live of course.

Even though SoHo is the center of the various cultural goings-on, such centrality comes with a price. To put it simply, SoHo is quite crowded, and space is an expensive commodity to have. That is true for most buildings in SoHo, which some might find a bit cramped and stifle.

The breath-taking architecture is one of the best reasons to move to SoHo
Space comes at a premium in SoHo.

Conclusion: what are the reasons to move to SoHo?

Let’s break it down simply:

  • SoHo is one of the cultural capitals of the world.
  • The rest of the city is easily accessible from SoHo.
  • You can find anything you want in SoHo. Shopping is truly unique there.
  • It is safe, and crime is low.
  • The education system is robust and high-quality.
  • It is pricey to live in.
  • Space comes at a premium.

After taking all of this into account, is moving to SoHo worth it? Well, yes if you can afford it! The overall impression of SoHo is amazing. Not only is it the cultural capital of New York City, but it is also an amazing retail center. In addition, it is safe, and the crime rates are low. If that isn’t enough to sell you on SoHo, its robust education system is very strong and any academic goals are easily reachable. If you take all of this into account, we strongly recommend that you relocate to SoHo.

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